Burst tester for pastic (PET) bottle EH-5000


carbonated drink , up to 2 liters

This test equipment (measuring instrument) pours water into a PET bottle, and then pressurizes it until it bursts while performing measurements on it in real time.


Maximum pressurizaion
Maximum pressurizaion up to 2.5MPa
Target bottle
carbonated drink , up to 2 liters
Measuring condition
Choose between 5 Options
  1. Burst
  2. Fill-burst
  3. Fill-rump
  4. Double fill-burst
  5. Double fill-rump
Data is displayed in real time
A graph of pressurizing pressure versus expansion flow rate is displayed in real time on the PC screen.


  • Water is supplied by a circulation method inside the equipment. A built-in water tank ensures that the measurement performance is unaffected by fluctuations in water pressure at the location where the equipment is installed.
  • General town water (water tank) is used for the circulation water.
  • An internal filter removes dirt from the circulation water.

Measuring, Data

  • Measurement is performed by setting the parameters (measurement conditions) in advance, and selecting the desired measurement conditions at the time of measurement.
  • Lot measurement data is acquired simultaneously and the results tabulated.
  • The data can be processed in Excel CSV format.
  • Can choose the units of measurement from among MPa、kgf/c㎡.


  • The equipment has a built-in computer, making for a simple configuration.
  • Provided with movable casters and fixing pieces.
  • By custom, automated test equipment is also available using the robot


Item Content
Obuject bottle Plastic (PET) bottle , 200 milliliter to 2liters
Pressurization method Increasing and pressurizing cylinder method
Water City water (The rated waters is filled in the tank)
Maximum applied pressure 2.45Mpa(25kgf/c㎡) in waterway
0.49 Mpa~2.45 Mpa (5~25kgf/c㎡)
Pressurization setting
Maximum expansionflow
Expansion flow accuracy:
±0.1mm of measuring cylinder length
Method :
Convert to flow from the moving distance of measuring pressurization cylinder
Minimum measuring flow:Approx. 0.8 milliliter
Testing item 1.Bust 2.Fill-burst 3.Fill-rump 4.Double fill-burst 5.Double fill-rump
Pressurization speed setting 0.0196~0.49 Mpa/sec (0.2~5.0kgf/c㎡/sec) (It is not continuous value) (Optional setting is available)
Holding pressure 1 0.49Mpa to 2.26 Mpa (5 to 23kgf/c㎡) at the setting hold pressure of fill-burst and fill-rump
Holding time 1 600sec . Max atholding pressure 1 (Optional setting is available)
Holding pressure 2 0.49Mpa to 2.26 Mpa (5 to 23Kgf/c㎡) at 2nd stage of the setting hold pressure of double fill-burst and double fill-rump , however , it should be set at higher pressure than holding pressure 1
Holding time 2 ≦600sec(Holding time 1 + holding time 2) Holding time of holding pressure 2
Measuring mode
  1. Measuring and data saving with once
  2. Measuring continuous (100 bottles max) , data saving and processing , and graph display
Testing result
Manual measuring:
Testing condition , strength pressure at burst , expansio n flow , measuring time print
Lot measuring:
The above feature , averaging, maximum and minimum value , the standard deviation value , graph display
Ambient 10 to 40℃
Data saving Hard disk , etc (saving in secondary memory at CVS)
Line Voltage Selectable 100/120/220/240V 50/60Hz
Compressor 0.55Mpa min. at constancy pressure
Size W1060×H1920×D790 mm with casters
Weight 530±10kg
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