Bottle water volume automatic measurement equipment EH-5500


Correspond to full pour, putting volume measurement
It is contributing to rationalization of test times

Measure setting bottle, weight (electric balance) and water temperature (temperature sensor of water way) and measure putting weight, volume. It is calculated volume from approximate spcific gravity and water temperature.

This equipment is measuring automatically water volume of PET bottle and outputs real-time data and total up the data. It is enable to automatic measurement together with I/O signal of robot. (Option at order)


Target bottle
200ml-2.0L, transparent, coloring bottles
Applied water
・General city water (Room temperature K20±10℃ (direct supplying)
・It is keeping to minimize bubble when fill up water
Real-time data display
1.Container weight
2.Putting weight
3.Putting volume
4.Full pour weight
5.Full pour volume
Note: It is available to pass putting volume measurement
Easy changing bottle
・Measurement condition register of 100 model bottles
・ Exchangeable bottle model (measurement condition and bottle types) by section of registered measurement condition
・About 10 seconds to change bottle centering tool

Measuring method

  1. Electric balance for container weight
  2. A class thermometer for water temperature
  3. Gross weight minus container weight on electric balance is water weight
  4. Water volume is calculated by specific gravity approximation of water temperature
  5. Note: It is measuring bottle height from setting supply water position

Setting applied water

Putting water Setting weight・Setting height (Standard at top surface)
Full pour Any putting at top surface (Top surface - large portion, etc.)

Volume Measurement Method

Measure setting bottle, weight (electric balance)
and water temperature (temperature sensor of waterway)
and measure putting weight, volume.
And it is calculated volume from approximate specific gravity and water temperature


Item Content
Measurement method Calculate volume from specific gravity calculation approximate from water temperature
Work set Semi-automatic (It is manual initial bottle set and discharge)
Target work Plastic (PET) bottle・Glass Bottle
Work size Example : PET bottle
Maximum 2.0L square bottle (D89×W106×H305mm)
Minimum, Body radius 50mm, height 10mm
Bottle height : Min. H100 - Max. 320mm
Bottle mouth inner diameter : 20mm diameter min.
Bottle volume 200ml - 2.0L
Measurement speed
(All items measurement)
Example: 500ml 1piece/60 seconds max. (From measurement to discharge)
2.0L 1piece / about 130 seconds. (From measurement to discharge)
Applied water temperature Room temperature K20±10℃ (general city water)
Measurement item and accuracy 1.Putting line volume - Reproduce accuracy: ±0.9ml max.
2.Full pour volume - Reproduce accuracy: ±0.9ml max.
3.Putting height line - Reproduce accuracy: ±1.0mm max.
4.Water temperature Reproduce accuracy: ±0.3℃+0.0051t1℃
(Platinum valve resistance thermometer pt100 3 wires A class)
5.Bottle weight Reproduce accuracy: ±0.2g max.
Software Microsoft Windows 7
Data Export CSV form
Data save HDD in operating computer
Print Measurement data
Applied air 0.5Mpa min.
Environment Temperature 10 - 40℃
Line Voltage Selectable 100/120/220/240V 50/60Hz
Size Total W450 x H800 x D700mm (standard)
Weight Total 70Kg max. depending on user's specification
Power consumption 2.5A max. (For total equipment)
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