Bottle height, body diameter, swing measurement equipment ME-2000


Non-contact method for body diameter and swing measurements, contact method for total height.

Automatically measuring the PET bottle body diameter, height, neck swing and display the real-time data on computer display and total up the data


Available in the following 3 items to correct measure the body outer diameter

MAX mode
Data output for maximum data of setting angle range at any point
MIN mode
Data output for minimum data of setting angle range at any point
Normal mode
Data output of the setting angle after set the bottle


  • Other bottles can be measured with some improvements, such as glass bottles.
  • It is enable to measure together with other measurement equipments to use the robot


Item Content
Measuring system ①Body outer diameter :Laser, non-contact method
②Total height : Linear gauge, non-contact
③Incline : Laser, non-contact method
Measurement method Body outer diameter :
①Normal mode
②Max mode
③Min mode
Measurement size Height :50-320mm
Outer diameter:50-120mm
Measurement accuracy ①Body outer diameter , Height : σ 5μm max , for 10 times of repeated master gauge measurement
②Swing: σ ±20μm max , for 10 times of repeated master gauge measurement (Height 280mm position)
③Depends on molding condition for the bottle
Measurement range
Measurement point
① Body outer diameter, height, circumference angle
Setting height:1-50points setting circumference angle :1-12 points
②Height : 1-8 points at any angle position from bottle top surface
③Swing: 2-12points at any height
Measurement time Depends on measurement setting condition (measurement point)
Example:10body outer diameter,4 height,8incline.・・・・about 60 sec
Continuous Measurement number 100 pieces
Measurement requirement set up Max.100 types (model) setting condition save
Data representation Second decimal places (###.##)
Note:Round off to two decimal places
Data output Text file , CSV form
Data total up Average, maximum, minimum,s tandard deviation(σ)・R・Cp・Cpk
Re-measurement function Available
Print A4size
Interface RS-232C
Computer Microsoft Windows XP
Environment temperature 10-40℃
Environment humidity 20-80%
Operation Environment Without Dew forma, dust, corrosion gas
Size W 900 x H 1850 x D 700mm
Weight 350kg max
Power consumption 300W
utility ①Selectable:AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
②Air:0.4-0.5 Mpa min (One piece)
Accessory Tool for setting center of bottle , calibration gauge
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