Bottle thickness measuring system equipment PA-2000SA


Highly reliable measurement system by using the technology of infra-red

Wall Thickness Measurement Machine

Stability and long life which can be trusted. This system is corresponded safe, high function and extendibility by high-grade sensor. Everyone can easily measure by the one-touch operation.


10 micrometer
Target Bottle
Height 80mm - 320mm
Inner Diameter
35mm max
Bottle Material
PE, PEN, PVC, PET, PP, PS, PC, etc.


Item Content
Measuring Range 0.1mm - 1.5mm
Accuracy less than 30 micrometer
Resolution 10 micrometer
Measuring Point Vertical point: 20 points max (1mm unit)
Horizontal point: 12 points max (1 degree unit)
Target Bottle Height 80mm - 320mm
Body diameter 30mm - 145mm
Measuring time 60 sec (100 points)
Measuring spot 2.5mm - 4mm
Data Representation mm (second decimal places), micrometer, 10 micrometer
Continuous Measuring number 100 pieces
Number of Measuring programs 999 programs
Data output CSV form
Data total up min, max, average, standard deviation (sigma), R, Cp, Cpk
Interface RS-232C
Operation Software Microsoft Windows 7
Size W560 x H1150 x D460mm
Weight 70kg max
Line Voltage Selectable 100/120/220/240V

Screen sample※Click for large image

Program Creation

<Normal Mode>

<Manual Mode>

※It is able to set at 1mm each heght and I degree by visual objects.


<Normal measurement>


<Display of tabulation data for each lot>

<Visual image tabulation data display>

<Lot tabulation data display>

<Non-standard data display screen>

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